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Alysha Dominico

Alysha Dominico Alysha Dominico, CEO & Founder of Tangible Words helps attract more business and attention to your community by making your website sales-ready for your inbound and outbound reps – as well as all of your strategic communication channels. Tangible Words develops communications plans and content strategies, writes website content for sales focused companies, creates Website and Intranet best practice guides, and trains your in-house communications staff to excel at online writing. Tangible Words has over 25 years of experience helping SMEs, non-profit corporations and government departments across Australia and Canada communicate with their audience in more [Tangible] words. Starting her professional life as a Literacy Expert and Senior English teacher, Alysha understands how people read online, is an excellent team facilitator and knows how to edit your idea flow to get strategic communication projects off the ground.

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