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Brian Beiles, MBA, CA

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For the over 30 years, Brian has focused his business, consulting and training efforts on helping organisations become more effective in serving their customers, employees and shareholders. His experience has been in a wide variety of industries, where he has held a number of senior positions. Brian is also on faculty with the Schulich Executive Education Centre at York University, where he conducts a number of open enrolment and in-house management training programs.

Brian’s areas of expertise include:

  • Customer Retention Strategies to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  • Managing and Sustaining Change to maintain productivity and minimize human downtime
  • Organization Development to optimize organizational structures, role clarity, and performance management systems
  • Teamworking and Teambuilding to promote cross-functional collaboration and increase team effectiveness
  • Leadership Development to develop and leverage workforce capability
  • Facilitation to promote objectivity, engagement and achieve desired outcomes

Brian’s work comprises customized, output-based consulting and training interventions; responsive, flexible service; and an ability to engage people at all levels of the organization.

His work in Customer Retention Strategies includes: assessment of service/quality gaps; defining and aligning customer segments with the organization’s mission, vision and values; developing and testing customer value propositions for those segments; and ensuring that the organizational infrastructure (processes and technology, structure and systems, and capable people) is in place to deliver them.

In the areas of Organization and Leadership Development, his work includes: organizational assessment and design; defining and clarifying roles; developing accountability-based management systems; and developing leadership capability (methodologies and skills to define, clarify and measure work expectations, and to manage individual and team performance).

His work in Managing and Sustaining Change applies approaches and methodologies for addressing change from the perspective of the individual (personal ownership and choice), leadership (setting direction, clarifying expectations, providing feedback and coaching), and the organization (establishing clear missions, visions and values, and creating coherent structures, processes and performance management systems).

In the areas of Teamworking and Teambuilding and Facilitation, his work includes: defining and clarifying cross-functional role relationships and developing team skills; and facilitating a wide variety and consulting interventions and training programs for all levels in the organization.

Brian has worked internationally in a wide variety of industries including: technology, financial services, aerospace, utilities, mining, retail and government. Major clients include: AECL, IBM, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bell Canada, Bombardier, Enbridge, Inco, Messier-Dowty, Rogers, Stratford Festival and WSIB.

He is a graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa) with a C.A. and the University of Cape Town with a M.B.A.

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