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Cathy L. O’Coin

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Cathy L. O’Coin is the Principal of O’COIN QUALITY CONSULTING SERVICES (OQCS) and is an associate of the Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre (LTKC).

Ms. O’Coin is a Registered Prince2 Practitioner (RP2P) and has as well previously held the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation through the Project Management Institute.

PRINCE2 (an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a process driven, project management methodology that encompasses the high level management, control and organization of a project. PRINCE2 is a structured approach to project management. It provides a method for managing projects within a clearly defined framework. PRINCE2 describes procedures to coordinate people and activities in a project, how to design and supervise the project, and what to do if the project has to be adjusted if it doesn’t develop as planned.

PRINCE2 is based on seven principles (continued) business justification, learn from experience, defined roles and responsibilities, manage by stages, manage by exception, focus on products and tailored to suit the project environment), seven themes (business case, organization, quality, plans, risk, change and progress) and seven processes – Starting up a Project, Initiating a Project, Directing a Project, Controlling a Stage, Managing Stage Boundaries, Managing Product Delivery and Closing a Project. The principles and themes come into play in the seven processes.

As well, Ms. O’Coin is a Registered ISO 9000 Consultant and a Certified QMS Lead Auditor with over 25 years of experience specializing in the design, development, implementation and auditing of ISO Quality Management Systems. With a background in Human Resource Development, Ms. O’Coin also assists companies in the design and implementation of Competency Based Training and Knowledge Management Systems.

Ms. O’Coin has delivered numerous seminars and workshops related to Project Management (PMBOK and Prince2), ISO 9000 QMS Overview, Principles of Internal Auditing, Document and Data Control Principles and Continuous Process Improvement.

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