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Gary MacDonald

Gary brings 42 years of experience in non-profit leadership and is known for his ability to inspire and motivate clients to achieve excellence in their own work and enhance the performance of their organizations.

Gary is a dynamic facilitator with extensive proficiency developing communication and leadership competency skills with individuals and groups. His clients include leaders in government, business and the non-profit sector. In the fundraising arena, he coaches non-profits and their leadership in achieving higher levels of quality connectedness with their partners (donors), generating real results.

Gary has been an active change agent for clients through the LTKC:

  • Facilitator for 3A’s of Leadership and AuthorityMaximizing Your Delegation Skills Workshops
  • Maximizing Your Delegation Skills Workshops
  • Non-Profit Board Excellence Workshops
  • Co-designed and delivered training for 38 graduates of the Non-Profit Leadership Certificate Program

Gary loves 3 things: his wife & family, non-profits, and movie theatre popcorn (with real butter).

Gary is Founding Partner at Clearview Consulting in Stirling, Ontario. Gary also serves as Allied Counsel with KMA Consultants in Toronto and is a Facilitator at Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre in Belleville. Gary is a CFRE Approved Provider of Continuing Education Credits.

  • Active Member of the Belleville Chamber of Commerce
  • Allied Counsel with KMA Consultants in Toronto
  • Training Partner at Counsul-Source (Quebec) / Certified 3A’s Facilitator

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