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Mike Shard

Mike Shard worked as a police officer for the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) for 32 years and is also a lawyer.  Mike retired as a Chief Superintendent in charge of the OPP Professional Standards Bureau in 2016.

He holds a diploma in Aviation and Flight Technology from Seneca College, a BA in Commerce from the University of Toronto, an MBA from York University, a law degree (LLB) from Osgoode Hall and a masters in law (LLM) specializing in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) from Osgoode Hall.

Mike joined the OPP in 1984 as a uniform patrol officer, completed his BA, MBA, LLB & LLM while a member of the OPP, and was called to the bar at the Law Society of Upper Canada in 1994. In January 1994 Mike was first assigned to the OPP Professional Standards Bureau (PSB), which manages public and internal complaints under the Police Services Act (PSA) and PSA Prosecutions, as well as criminal investigations regarding OPP officers. He subsequently spent a total of approximately 15 years in PSB in a variety of roles, including Manager of Investigations, PSA Prosecutor, and led the establishment of the OPP Risk Management Section. In 2011 Mike acted as legal counsel in the Ministry Legal Services Bureau, giving legal advice and representing the Ministry and OPP at Inquests, Human Rights matters and PSA hearings. In January 2013 Mike was promoted to Chief Superintendent and appointed as Bureau Commander of PSB and the OPP Risk Management Section.

While with the OPP, Mike served on numerous committees such as the CACP Law Amendments, OACP Legal Advisor and OACP Professional Standards committees.  Mike is recognized as having expertise in the Police Services Act and has presented on numerous OPP & Ontario Police College courses. He also has expertise in ADR & Restorative Justice, having been trained by the RCMP on RJ as facilitator & trainer, and has delivered related training on many OPP courses and to numerous school boards.

Mike is a part-time instructor teaching in Public Safety Education, Training and Professional Development at the Training and Knowledge Centre, Loyalist College, Belleville.  He has taught on the Professional Standards Investigator Course, the Police Service Prosecutor Course, and is the lead instructor on Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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