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How To Recognize Employee Strengths To Improve Productivity

Turns out, managers who recognize when an employee is willing and able to take on more responsibility not only further motivate their staff – they wind up more productive in their managerial role too.  During a Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre (LTKC) Deepening Your Leadership Skills learning exercise, Managing Director at Hanon Systems, René Veillette, uncovered that the traditionalist theory of supporting your staff by not letting others interrupt them does not fit every scenario.  Led by Mark Norman, the Deepening Your Leadership Skills program gives leaders access to a unique learning tool, which participants say created significant “Turning Points” for their company.  For example, a manager answers questions as if they are the employee they are mentoring. The mentee then answers the same question.   “The format gave us an opportunity to be really honest and candid with each other,” said Veillette.  “I had thought we were really well aligned – and we were in some areas – but not others.” The information allowed the manager-employee to shift tasks around to better support each other to improve productivity.  “I didn’t realize I had been blocking my plant superintendent from trying some tasks he was keen to try. I thought I was supporting him by keeping it off his plate,” explains Veillette.  Now Veillette has not only boosted the confidence of his employee with increased responsibilities, he’s been able to delegate tasks and manage his own workload better.  Giving people new challenges and ways to stimulate their work efforts have had a great impact on the company.

The Bottom Line: Here’s How Productivity Improved for Hanon Systems

  1. Realigning staff skills and strengths to different tasks meant Hanon didn’t have to panic when they were down 6-7 staff. More projects were completed by existing employees, keen for the opportunity, and allotted newfound time to complete the tasks because of the realignment.
  1. An assessment of processes uncovered new, faster ways to make decisions—Hanon went from 2 days to 20 minutes on some!—saving time and money;
  1. Rejuvenating company culture: the company made a shift to recognize the necessity of mistakes. A new tone that mistakes will be fixed together was set, increasing the likelihood that staff would feel comfortable suggesting innovations and improvements.

Is Your Company Keen To Reach Your Next Stage of Growth?

Have you already seen and experienced revolutionary positive change from your leaders taking The 3As of Leadership ? The Deepening Your Leadership Skills learning process is your next step – ask what’s entailed.

What Impact Has LTKC Leadership Training Had On The Manufacturing Industry?

LTKC tailors its courses to meet the needs of business in the region often pulling leaders and staff from different sectors together to learn from and share their experiences. Because LTKC focusses on training, companies can pass along their needs and have LTKC find facilitators and set up courses for them.  “We’re lucky to have an organization with the individuals with the years of experience as LTKC. They recognize the role manufacturing plays in the community,” says Veillette. “Loyalist College is always right there to support and develop critical training for us.”  Even better, LTKC trains people to find gainful employment in the industries that need skilled staff—like food processing and manufacturing using programs like Eleva te!—giving businesses a qualified employee pool to hire from without a big investment.

Every dollar invested in manufacturing generates over $3.05 in total economic activity which is the highest multiplier of any major sector according to Canadian Manufacturers and exports (CME).”  —from the Quinte Economic Development Commission business plan.

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