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Course Highlights

This Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and Canadian Safety Council (CSC) recognized course is designed for beginner riders, with little or no experience.  Your time in the course (5 hr theory, 14 hr riding) will focus on providing riders with the basics and advance maneuvering of road safety and defensive driving techniques.  As a result of successfully completing this course (M2 road test included) you will be eligible to upgrade your license to an M2 (after a minimum waiting period), and receive a CSC Certificate which may reduce insurance rates (check with your insurance provider).  Note: Successful participants will need to visit your local DriveTest Centre to physically (within 6 months) upgrade your license from the M1 to the M2.


Applicants who wish to get a licence must be 16 years of age or over and possess a valid Ontario Ministry of Transportation M1 license. This special licence is a 90-day permit to ride a motorcycle and is issued by the Ministry of Transportation upon successful completion of a written test. (Any applicants who presently possess a “Limited Speed Endorsement” or in other words, a scooter licence, must obtain a “Full-speed Training Temporary Driver’s Licence”. This can be obtained at any DriveTest Centre for $7.50. This is a 90 day permit which allows you to take the course and update your Limited Speed Licence to a full speed M2M licence.) Applicants must provide their own helmet, leather gloves, jacket (leather, jean or ballistic nylon), pants and above the ankle leather footwear. Note: Running shoes are NOT acceptable.

What you will Learn:

  • Balancing & braking
  • Cornering
  • Collision avoidance
  • Road riding
  • Emergency braking
  • Cold starting
  • Emergency techniques
  • Pattern riding
  • Correct gear changing
  • Signals & shoulder checks
  • Clutch operation & control synchronization


1 weekend, Friday evening 7-10 pm, Saturday 9-5 pm. Courses run from May to October, 2019

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