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Introduction to Motorcycling

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Course Highlights

This is a Canada Safety Council approved the program.  You will be introduced to the basics of riding a motorcycle in this three-hour course, all of the time spent on the bikes (provided).  It will allow students to gain an understanding of the basics of riding and should help to dispel any concerns you may have about operating a motorcycle.


A license is not required to take this introductory course and participants will use our bike which is provided. Students should arrive with a DOT approved helmet and appropriate clothing, i.e. jeans, jacket (leather or ballistic nylon is best), gloves and heavy footwear (leather boots covering your ankle – no sandals or running shoes). This training will take place rain or shine, so rainwear is a good idea to have – just in case.  All participants will be required to sign a waiver of claim prior (or first night) to taking the course. If you have physical risks that limit you, or you are not comfortable signing this waiver we can not allow you to continue with the courses and no refund will be issued.

What you will Learn:

  • Mounting a Motorcycle
  • The Ready Position
  • Controlled Braking
  • Proper Use of Eyes
  • Locating the Controls
  • Starting the Motorcycle
  • Using the Gears
  • Proper Use of the Clutch
  • The Flat Wrist Technique
  • Proper Riding Position
  • Move Off and Stop

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