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Hanon Case Study for 3A’s of Leadership

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Why Experienced Managers Need Leadership Training Too

Giving new managers a chance to hone their leadership skills is a good plan. But the real value may actually be for experienced managers.  “When you don’t have the experience (in a management role) the theory doesn’t have the same impact,” explains René Veillette, Hanon Systems Managing Director.  After offering both new and seasoned managers to participate in the Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre’s (LTKC) 3As of Leadership training Veillette says the company is working to implement the course concepts throughout.  At Hanon, experienced managers were able to take the course material and apply it to their company with such experience the results had game-changing results.

3As Leadership Course: Changing Perspectives To Improve Business

Hanon Systems had custom classes for their company leaders for both Level 1 & 2 of the 3As of Leadership Course.  Veillette says when managers understand their own perspective they can tailor how they’re leading, to make the right decisions. And, engaged leaders know when they should take the reins, and more importantly when they need to get out of the way of their staff.  The course has been so influential for Hanon Systems, they include the 3As—Aligning, Assuring, and Activating—in their corporate language, keeping it front of mind in all tasks.  By adapting courses to suit the industry, LTKC gives businesses a “quick hit” of theory, not a lecture, helping busy managers quickly identify perspectives and implement the knowledge to their work, says Veillette.

Is Your Company Facing A Challenge You Don’t Yet Know How To Fix?

Organizations like Hanon Systems rely on the Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre in (Loyalist College campus, Quinte West).  “We say to LTKC, here’s my need can you help? And they jump to help,” says Veillette. So you have nothing to lose: why not start a conversation  to improve your organization?