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Transitioning to a high-performance culture.

3 A’s of Leadership – it’s all about your coaching skills.

How does a supervisor or manager lead individuals, teams, and departments towards higher involvement and higher quality? This question is raised by many who realize that theory cannot replace practical skills when it comes to leading people. The focus of this training is to go past theory and into practice. Participants will gain new insights on the use and misuse of authority and discover and apply practical ways to use organizational authority to lead individuals and teams to a new level of contribution.

Who should attend?

  • All managers and promotable high-potential staff.
  • Experienced front line supervisors
  • New managers and front line supervisors
  • Plant & manufacturing managers
  • Team Leaders and Lead Hands
  • Human Resources Managers and in-house trainers
  • LEAN and continuous improvement champions

What you’ll learn

  • About your personal natural approach to supervision
  • About differing types of organizations and challenges posed to supervision
  • Three skill sets that lead individuals and teams to more ownership of their work
  • To read situations and discern behaviours needed to lead individuals and teams to greater ownership of their work
  • To develop consistent coaching skills that apply to everyday work and settings
  • To establish strategies that will lead teams and individuals to greater autonomy

Seminar Content

In this workshop-intensive seminar, which involves Climat-e, electronic simulation, participants will gain new insights into the use and misuse of authority. They will discover and apply practical ways to use organizational authority to lead individuals and teams to a higher level of
contribution. Who is the facilitator?

Benefits to individuals

  • Provides practical coaching skills and improves communication
  • Reduces conflicts and frustration and improves teamwork
  • Increases self-commitment from their people

Benefits to organizations

  • Increases organizational responsiveness to employees
  • Drives fundamental change in a very practical way
  • Maintains adaptability to changing needs


Gary MacDonald brings 42 years of leadership experience and is known for his ability to inspire and motivate clients to achieve excellence in their own work and enhance the performance of their organizations.   Gary is a dynamic facilitator with extensive proficiency developing communication and leadership competency skills with individuals and groups. His clients include leaders in government, business and the non-profit sector through his own company, Clearview Consulting.

Gary is certified in 3A’s of Leadership & Authority and specializes in leadership development, communication, delegation and personal effectiveness.




2 Day (8:30am – 4pm)


$ 899 plus HST, includes parking both days


Email Shannon Banfield or call 613-969-1913 Ext 2467 for questions.


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