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Certificate Outline

In this first course, you will be introduced to lean thinking, principles, and critical lean supply chain concepts. By gaining applicable tools and valuable skills that allow you to identify and eliminate waste at the root cause, you can formally solve real business problems in the supply chain and improve cost, quality, service, and delivery.

Who Should Attend?

Executive through front-line team leaders responsible for working capital improvement, supply chain, logistics, materials, purchasing, production, warehousing, and transportation.

How you’ll Benefit?

• Reduce total cost of ownership
• Reduce inventory levels
• Reduce logistics costs
• Reduce space requirements
• Reduce lead time
• Increase fill rates
• Improve supplier performance and accountability
• Improve customer satisfaction and customer relationships
• Reduce overall organizational and operational waste

Who is the facilitator?




2 Days


Loyalist College


$1299 per module or $1129 when booking all 3 at the same time


Email Melanie Roy mroy@loyalistcollege.com or call 613-969-1913 Ext 2480 for questions.

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