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Digital Photography – Part 1


SEP 05 – NOV 07

The information in this ten-week course will help a photographer move from the beginner level towards the intermediate level. Any type of digital camera is welcome, but those with a “point and shoot” style camera will encounter a few limitations.

Class discussions will cover the basics of photography and camera operation. You will learn what every button, knob, and dial on your camera does! Subjects include: ISO, white balance, tripods, shutter speeds, night-time photography, apertures, and depth of field. Some classes will include short practice sessions, so please bring your equipment to each class.

Viewing and discussing one another’s work will provide valuable suggestions for improving your photographs. Two half-day weekend field trips are included in this course. Field trips are customized for each class to accommodate those who may have physical limitations. The field trip dates will be decided during the first class.

COST $203.70

COST $161.70 Senior Rate

Beginning Watercolour with Donna Bonin


SEPT 16 – 17

Students will practice mixing and basic techniques using exercises. A complete painting will not be tasked in this course. Once this 2-day workshop is completed, beginners should feel comfortable joining the “Continuing Watercolour” course. Students supply their own materials — A supplies list will be emailed to you prior to the start date of the workshop.

COST $113.64

COST $91.24 Senior Rate

Autumn in Watercolour – Part 1 – with Donna Bonin


SEP 19-OCT 31

Some experience with watercolour is needed. Autumn subjects will explore some techniques beyond the basics to render unique paintings. Students supply their own materials— a list will be sent by email prior to the course start date.

COST $147.59

COST $118.19 Senior Rate

Acrylic for Beginners with Stewart Hood


SEPT 26 – NOV 28

This course is for those who want to get started and have fun painting. With your instructor’s encouragement and basic materials, acrylic painting is the simplest way to get immediate results, making you feel inspired and want to grow and expand your experiences and abilities.  We introduce the aspiring artist to a very versatile medium-acrylic paint.  Acrylic painting encourages creating art by delivering immediate results and easy cleanup!  You’ll begin by using landscape photo references to paint familiar scenery. Then you’ll move on to painting still life: flowers in a vase, then a collection of items – both set up on a table with a colourful sheet of cloth for a backdrop and a sidelight to create high lights and shadows. You will use various photos to learn perspective, clouds, skies, waters, and other landscape characteristics, including farm animals. You may even try an abstract, starting with designing on a small scale and then enlarging to big canvases. You can paint acrylic on canvas, canvas boards and even masonite, all grounded with gesso. More Details

COST $228.70

COST $186.70 Senior Rate

Beginner Watercolour with Stewart Hood


SEPT 28 – NOV 30

This beginner’s watercolour course will introduce the aspiring artist to an exciting medium that is truly like no other. Beginning with an overview and an understanding of the basics of the materials required, the class will learn how to put watercolour paint on paper and discover the magical attributes of colour: the strength of straight unmixed colour, the subtleties of mixed colours, and the power of water and resulting colour washes. A segment on how to use and learn from a colour wheel will help in the understanding of how mixing just a few colours will produce a range of hues reflecting what we see around us. The use of good composition with pencil drawings will provide a basis to begin your work. Using washes for skies and landscape elements, the various brushes and colours to simulate landscapes, buildings and people will be demonstrated. Subject reference will be provided for the student to learn the various ways to achieve the ‘variety of looks’ of our natural and man-made surroundings.  Students will be required to bring classroom supplies. More Details

COST $228.70

COST $186.70 Senior Rate

Autumn in Watercolour – Part 2 – with Donna Bonin



Painting subjects in “Autumn in Watercolour-Part 2” will include late Fall / early Winter, and a Christmas card. Subjects to paint will be different from 2022. Students supply their own materials—a list will be sent to you by email to you prior to the course start date.

COST $106.85

COST $85.85 Senior Rate

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