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Beginning Watercolour with Donna Bonnin 


April 6 & 7

Beginners will be introduced to how watercolour works, how to mix paint, and how to use the basic techniques in a variety of subject related practice exercises. Once this 2-day workshop is completed, beginners should feel comfortable joining the “Continuing Watercolour” course.
Students are required to bring their own supplies (Approx. cost is $100—$150, but these supplies can be used beyond the classroom). A supplies list will be sent prior to class start date.

“With completion of this course, you may wish to continue with the April 9-May 21 course”

COST: $115.06

COST: $95.46 Senior Rate

Drawing with Perspective  – with Donna Bonin


May 4-5, 9-5pm

“Perspective” is showing each form—cylinder, cube, cone, pyramid, and sphere—to occupy its own accurate 3 dimensional space in a 3 dimensional scene.  In this course you will be introduced to the rules for rendering each form and practice drawing them, alone and in combinations.

Emphasis will be on “Linear Perspective” which is essential for all street scapes, landscapes, and seascapes.

COST $244.07

COST $197.87 Senior Rate

Intro to Stretching 

Coming in May

Join our user-friendly “Stretching Basics” course and discover the key to a healthier and more flexible lifestyle. This program is designed for everyone, no matter your fitness level. We blend easy-to-understand theory with practical techniques to help you embrace the benefits of stretching.

Spring in Watercolour -with Donna Bonin


Apr 9-May 21

Celebrate spring with paintings of colorful lilacs and Iris, a lady walking in the rain, and the return of the birds. Basic techniques will be reviewed. Instructor demos and step-by-step notes will guide you through the paintings. Some experience with watercolour would be helpful

COST $244.07

COST $197.87 Senior Rate

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