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Fresh Cut Flower Vase Arrangement


APR 12

An interactive workshop for the fresh-cut flower fanatic in you! This workshop will cover the basics of how to build a fresh-cut flower arrangement in a vase. Students will learn how to choose a vase size and prepare the flowers, what kind of food and how much water to add and finally placement of cut flowers and greens.  Participants can expect to learn how to make a flower vase arrangement with seasonal flowers. The participant will go home with a vase arrangement.

COST $79.65 plus HST

Beginner Watercolour with Donna Bonin


APR 22-23

This course will introduce beginners to “how watercolour works”. Explore how and where to use watercolour’s BASIC TECHNIQUES in a series of small subject exercises. Students supply their own materials. The supplies list will be sent to registrants well before the class.

COST $100.06

COST $80.46 Senior Rate

Portrait Photography


JUN 07 – AUG 16

You will learn the basics of portrait photography. You will learn to pay attention and measure light, understand contrast, use diffusers, reflectors, flash units, “constant” lights, studio strobe lights, composition, various styles of backgrounds, and use “props.”  Please bring your camera and work samples (on a USB stick) to each class.

COST $229.07

COST $182.87 Senior Rate

Beginner Watercolour with Stewart Hood


SEPT 7 – NOV 9

This beginner’s watercolour course will introduce the aspiring artist to an exciting medium that is truly like no other. Beginning with an overview and an understanding of the basics of the materials required, the class will learn how to put watercolour paint on paper and discover the magical attributes of colour: the strength of straight unmixed colour, the subtleties of mixed colours, and the power of water and resulting colour washes. A segment on how to use and learn from a colour wheel will help in the understanding of how mixing just a few colours will produce a range of hues reflecting what we see around us. The use of good composition with pencil drawings will provide a basis to begin your work. Using washes for skies and landscape elements, the various brushes and colours to simulate landscapes, buildings and people will be demonstrated. Subject reference will be provided for the student to learn the various ways to achieve the ‘variety of looks’ of our natural and man-made surroundings.  Students will be required to bring classroom supplies. More Details

COST $228.70

COST $186.70 Senior Rate

Beginner Acrylic with Stewart Hood


MAY 30-AUG 1, SEPT 5 – NOV 7

This course is for those who want to get started and have fun painting. With your instructor’s encouragement and basic materials, acrylic painting is the simplest way to get immediate results, making you feel inspired and want to grow and expand your experiences and abilities.  We introduce the aspiring artist to a very versatile medium-acrylic paint.  Acrylic painting encourages creating art by delivering immediate results and easy cleanup!  You’ll begin by using landscape photo references to paint familiar scenery. Then you’ll move on to painting still life: flowers in a vase, then a collection of items – both set up on a table with a colourful sheet of cloth for a backdrop and a sidelight to create high lights and shadows. You will use various photos to learn perspective, clouds, skies, waters, and other landscape characteristics, including farm animals. You may even try an abstract, starting with designing on a small scale and then enlarging to big canvases. You can paint acrylic on canvas, canvas boards and even masonite, all grounded with gesso. More Details

COST $228.70

COST $186.70 Senior Rate

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