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Managing Conflict Through Respectful Conversations

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Respectful Conversations that Reduce Conflict


Dealing effectively with workplace conflict is a useful way to bring important issues to light, open the lines of communication, and strengthen working relationships. Unmanaged conflict in the workplace can lead to reduced levels of teamwork and cooperation, reduced employee commitment and lower levels of quality and productivity. Respectful communication is a key to resolving and preventing conflict.

Who Should Attend?

This session can make a positive difference by helping you develop strategies that reduce interpersonal conflict, clarify expectations and increase productivity. It can also help you avoid potential legal problems by preventing claims of harassment and inappropriate behaviour.

How you’ll benefit:

If you want to improve your communication when the stakes are high, and emotions are running strong, this session can help you. You’ll learn about the dynamics of conflict while maintaining the integrity of the relationship including:

  • Determining the impact of your personal conflict style
  • How perceptions influence emotional choices during conflicts and impact others
  • Reducing the cycle of conflict escalation
  • Identifying the role of your “hot buttons”
  • Using your most effective style to relate to difficult people in a respectful way
  • How to listen and communicate effectively without “losing it”

Who is your facilitator?

Vern Belos is an organizational development specialist, who trains managers and leaders in the “business of people”. Vern has trained more than 5000 people in both the private and public sector. He’s the person organizations call when they need help! His consulting practice focuses on emotional intelligence, conflict management, and mediation. He holds a doctorate in learning and organization development, masters degrees in human resources and law, and is a graduate of the Osgoode Hall Law School.

What’s our Approach?

No endless PowerPoint presentations here. We use interactive approaches geared to your learning style, plus lots of discussions and learning from each other. The result is a learning environment that is fun and has an immediate transfer to the work environment.

Prerequisite: None

Duration: 1 Day (9am – 4pm)

Investment: $ 459 plus HST, includes lunch and parking both days

Contact: Email Melanie Roy or call 613-969-1913 Ext 2480 for questions.

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