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Loyalist Training & Knowledge Center (LTKC) offers high-performance and skilled leadership programs for today’s Non-Profit Leadership.

Managing & Leading in a Non-Profit Environment (MLNP)

Designed for existing leaders, this program offered high-level executive leadership skills for today’s Non-Profit Leadership.

Program Objectives:

  • lead and sustain change in your organization
  • connect with people to build a stronger commitment and motivation
  • create positive relationships to achieve greater results
  • communicate more effectively
  • inspire passion and boost performance for yourself and your work teams
  • improve the quality/quantity of communication about performance between yourself and employees
  • establish strategies that will lead teams and individuals to analyze problems and make better decisions
  • complete projects on time and within budget
  • effectively interview and select staff
  • make better bottom-line decisions with a working knowledge of the financial and budgeting processes in NFP
  • provide leadership in conflict situations
  • manage more effectively in a unionized environment
  • improve overall meeting effectiveness
  • effectively use Employment Legislation – Labour Relations Act to improve decision-making in the workplace

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