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Here’s How To Develop Your Leaders To Improve Production

Perceptions—yours and your employees’—can get in the way of production and career satisfaction.  The Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre (LTKC) pilot initiative to develop leaders, Deepening Your Leadership Skills, offers tools to help managers be better leaders by understanding workplace perceptions.  Experienced leader Kevin Morgan of Kennametal Stellite Inc. discovered how this works first-hand. When he took the learning process – an extension of his knowledge from various LTKC foundational leadership courses like the Certified Manager of Quality-Organizational Excellence – participants completed a survey. The manager filled it out as if they were their employee, providing perceived employee answers. The employees filled it out for real. Then they compared answers.  “It was very insightful to see how you think things are versus how they are to your employee,’ Morgan says. “It really helped us understand our employees.”

Morgan realized without the Deepening Your Leadership Skills experience, even the best leaders are only partially aware of their employee’s experience.

Just one simple survey exercise from this LTKC learning process opened up a new dialogue with staff and uncovered what their needs were to be happy in the workforce.  What’s more, productivity improved as management uncovered more and more of what each person sought from their job—like training needs and expectations—increasing employee satisfaction too.  Because there’s all kinds of leadership and always an opportunity to learn from others, mentorship was an important theme of the session. Morgan says he acted as a mentor to help staff learn from him, and found his own mentor (from whom he gained yet another perspective). These are exactly the kinds of thing great companies, and great leaders, pursue – and LTKC facilitated the experience for Kennametal beyond what any company could do on their own.

Why LTKC Leadership Training Is Cutting Edge and Superior in 2016 & Beyond

The Deepening Your Leadership Skills program is not a course -it’s a learning process. “It’s a different type of learning. We talked in more detail about day to day challenges and took action based on discussions,” explains Kevin Morgan of Kennametal Stellite Inc.

Having the material presented from both sides of the employer/employee point of view was enlightening along with learning how to put the knowledge into practice at work.

Even better, the mix of attendees allows participants to build their repertoire – and their career- with examples of managing all kinds of people.

“I’m always impressed with the caliber of training at LTKC so I jumped at chance to participate in Deepening Your Leadership Skills program. I knew it would be worth my time,” says Morgan.

If you’ve taken foundational management training from Loyalist College – you’re already in love with the results you’ve experienced. The next step for your career and your organization is to deepen your leadership skills:  call LTKC to find out how to participate.


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