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The Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre (LTKC) can design programs specifically to provide your employee group with the skills and tools your organization needs to achieve greater success.

LTKC training is parceled into single or multi-day sessions that deliver learning in “bite-size chunks” and can accommodate workplace schedule.

In our process, participants learn from instructors, from one another and from hands-on practical simulations and role-playing. All in good balance.

All of LTKCs Managing and Supervising Workshops are available off the shelf and ready to run. Ideal for an organization that seeks to advance quickly in the standard behavioral, management or operational domains.  As well as offering hands on Skills Training.


Fast Results – Team learning effects can be seen almost immediately throughout your department or organization.

Cost Effective – Standardized group costing saves money versus individual enrollment.

Improved Retention – Group learning means employees share common understandings and can build on one another’s learning through interactions in the workplace.

Specificity – Much of the learning can still be made specific to your organization’s realities, using examples and protocols from your organization.

Timing and Venue Accommodation – Courses can be scheduled to work around your organization’s timing issues. And we’ll bring them to your choice of location.

Broad Course Selection – LTKC offers many packaged courses covering practically all common business subjects.

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Testimonials/Case Stories

Hanon Systems takeaways from Deepening Your Leadership Skills training: recognizing employee strengths, better performance.

Kennametal Stellite Inc’s Senior Quality Engineer  says Deepening Leadership Skills LTKC training offers essential help with perceptions and mentoring.

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