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This workshop will focus on how to work with the various generations of employees presently in the workforce. As we know, each generation is different in their wants, needs, and expectations concerning the employment relationship. Of particular interest are the “Generation Y” and “GenZ” workers who are vastly different employees than workers of previous generational groups.

Organizations must prepare to handle these groups as the present “Baby Boomer” majority has started to retire and will be followed by members of the GenX cohort in the coming years.  This will result in members of GenY being the workforce majority in the market and propelling quickly to leadership roles in many organizations.

Who should attend

  • Managers, Supervisors, Leads, Employees

What you will Learn

  • Understanding of workers in each of the generational groups represented in the workforce today
  • Beginning a dialogue to facilitate adding value to attendee’s supervisory process in dealing with intergenerational workers.
  • Fostering leadership participation in the discussion of issues important to each generation of workers.
  • Discuss Myths and provide clarity to understand what to expect of incoming “generationally diverse” workers as well as workers presently in the organization
  • Institutionalized learning about generations (specifically GenY and GenZ) with an aim to minimize turnover of valued employees


Floyd Ormsbee


1 Day


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