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Working at Heights


Multiple Intakes:

  • April 16th
  • May 14th
  • June 11th
  • July 9th
  • August 13th

This one-day course provides a comprehensive overview of legislated requirements, hazards and hazard controls related to Working at Heights. The course complies with the Ministry of Labour’s Working at Heights Program Standard. By the end of the training, participants will have knowledge and skills that will help them avoid or prevent falls from heights.  MTO approved under Safety Guys. More Details

COST $154.50 plus HST

Working at Heights – Refresher


Multiple intakes:

After successfully attending this 1/2-day Working at Heights Refresher course you will be certified for another 3 years.  Once certified, you do not need to take the full course again
The Refresher course will provide you with the necessary review of best work practices and current legislation as it applies to Working at Heights and training requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. More Details

Successful students will receive a new certificate from the Ministry of Labour.

COST $120.00 plus HST

Joint Health & Safety Certification Level 1


The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires employers to ensure at least one certified member represents management and one certified member represents workers on the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC). This training provides participants with an overall knowledge of health and safety that is applicable to all workplaces. This three-day course covers the first part of the training required for you to be a certified member of a workplace Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC).  Combined with Part Two, it leads to certification under Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development guidelines.  More Details

COST $495.00 plus HST

Joint Health & Safety Certification Level 2


MAR 5-6 (2 day)

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, at least one worker member and one management member of a joint health and safety committee (JHSC) are required to take a provincial Chief Prevention Office-approved two-part training program (the first certification training component must be completed before taking this course). Part 2 certification is designed to provide participants with the information and tools they need as JHSC members to recognize, assess and recommend controls for the hazards commonly found in their own workplaces and industry sectors. This includes understanding how to identify the relevant legislation, as well as standards, guidelines and best practices as they apply to the hazards in question. More Detail

COST $399.00 plus HST

Joint Health & Safety Committee – Refresher


Certified members of a joint health and safety committee (JHSC) are required to take Refresher Training within three years of becoming certified, and every three years thereafter to maintain their certification.

COST $209.05

Forklift Operator Safety


Multiple intakes:

  • April 27th
  • May 18th
  • June 22nd
  • July 20th
  • Aug 24th

This is a compliance course which meets all Ontario and CSA regulations and standards for both inexperienced forklift drivers and those with moderate prior experience operating a motorized, counterbalanced forklift. Participants will complete theory in-class in the morning and then complete the practical portion in the afternoon. More Details

COST $249.00 plus HST

Ozone Depletion Prevention Certification


Multiple intakes:

  • May 11th
  • June 15th
  • July 13th
  • Aug 17th

This course is for those who require the ODP/ODS Certification for the purchasing and/or handling of refrigerants throughout Canada, to fulfill provincial and federal regulations.  This environmental awareness training program (Ozone Depletion Prevention) is based on Environment Canada’s “Code of Practice for Elimination of Fluorocarbon Emissions in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems”, deals with environmentally-correct equipment design, proper handling of refrigerants, and will prepare participants for complying with Federal and Provincial Regulations covering refrigeration and air conditioning systems. More Details

COST $249.00 plus HST


Environmental Services Frontline Program (Environmental Aide)



Developed by the Canadian Healthcare Housekeepers’ Association, this program will provide education for Frontline Workers in Healthcare Facilities. This 12 week (32 hrs) course addresses the aspects of the healthcare cleaning profession, in particular, the importance of proper techniques and practices to reduce the risk of infection, and follows recommended (Provincial Infection Control Advisory Committee) best practice for environmental cleaning. Upon completion, students will have a clear understanding of the importance of their role in the Healthcare cleaning environment.

Provided with the course is a dedicated mentor to offer one-on-one coaching and support.

• Basic Housekeeping
• Basic Laundry
• Washroom Care
• Floor Care
• Equipment Maintenance
• Health & Safety & WHMIS
• Infection Control
• Professionalism

COST $275.00 plus HST


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