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Increasing workplace disrespect and incivility grow toxic behaviour. When people are demeaned, manipulated, threatened, bullied or harassed, work relationships suffer, morale and productivity decline, and people get “sick.” And it often costs a job! Whether you are a frontline worker or supervisor, everyone is responsible for creating a positive and “safe “workplace.

How you’ll benefit?

In this session, you’ll learn about self-regulating interpersonal conduct, using supportive dialogue, and how recognizing and confronting disrespectful behaviours. When everyone maximizes respect while minimizing incivility, the workplace becomes a safe place where everyone can share their feelings and beliefs.  A safe workplace fosters good mental health and well-being for everyone.

By completing this session, you’ll:

  • Examine the characteristics of a safe workplace and the impact of civility, respect and engagement at work
  • Understand the cost of incivility and disrespect on absenteeism, mental health, burnout and job loss
  • Explore the legality of disrespect under the OHRC and OHSA
  • Recognize behaviours that may cause discrimination and constitute harassment
  • Use tools to deal with negative or destructive workplace behaviours
  • Practise being more supportive of co-workers


1-day @ 8-4 pm


Loyalist College


$249.00 plus HST, includes parking


Email Colleen Ringham or call 613-969-1913 Ext 2497 for question

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