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Front-End Coding Bootcamp



This course by Promineo Tech & LTKC will teach Front End Software Developers how to build the pieces of applications and websites that users see and interact with. This involves creating components that look good and provide functionality when a user interacts with them. It also involves interacting with the Back End applications and displaying data in an aesthetically pleasing manner. More Detail

COST $5,750 plus HST

Back-End Coding Bootcamp



This course by Promineo Tech & LTKC will teach Back End Software Developers in charge of building applications that do the behind-the-scenes work. This typically involves receiving requests from a Front End application, processing the request, reading and writing to a database, and responding to requests from other applications. More Detail

COST $5,750 plus HST

Cloud Based Accounting Professional Series

Elevate your computerized booking skills with our “Cloud-Based Accounting Professional Series” workshops, tailored for non-accounting working professionals in Canada. Discover the power of QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Wave. Learn efficient account setup, streamlined data entry, and strategic reporting. Dive into collaborative tools for seamless teamwork and explore security measures for data protection. Engage in interactive sessions, including Q&A, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies, ensuring practical application of newfound knowledge. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business professional or bookkeeper each workshop will allow you to harness the full potential of cloud-based accounting tools.



Empower yourself with the essential skills to navigate the dynamic landscape of cloud-based accounting. This 1-day workshop is designed for business professionals seeking proficiency in the popular platform – QuickBooks Online. Understand how to streamline your financial processes, enhance collaboration, and gain real-time insights into your business.

COST $150 plus HST

Excel Professional Series


Adapted from our corporate training programs, these seminars allow you to enhance your skills in a particular area, or take them all to attain an advanced functional proficiency with Excel for use in business.

Excel 1: Setting Up a Spreadsheet

May 28th

Discover the basic functions of Excel and learn how you can use the program to organize your data. Topics include general spreadsheet structure, entering text/values, adjusting the widths of columns/rows, changing alignment in cells, basic functions, and enhancing/printing output.

COST $54.87 plus HST

Excel 2: Excel as a Data Base

Jun 4th

Take home new skills that enable you to construct and design a database that works for you. Methods of finding information from a database, such as the find command, data filters, data sorts, and sub-totals are explored. Learn about validating data and extracting information from your database by using functions such as Conditional Sum and V-Lookup. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Excel.

COST $54.87 plus HST

Excel 3: Excel Pivot Tables

Jun 11th

Find out how to take your data analysis to the next level and save time with pivot tables and pivot charts. Easy to build, update and maintain, pivot tables are dynamic and fully customizable for your specific needs. In this class, you will learn how to create, edit, and manipulate pivot tables. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Excel

COST $54.87 plus HST

Excel 4: Excel Formulas and Functions

June 18th

You will learn to spend less time inputting raw data and more time analyzing data. Discover how to automatically extract information from data tables, rank items in a list automatically, use the IF function to have Excel make decisions for you, and use the Forecast and Trend functions. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Excel.

COST $54.87 plus HST

Excel 5: Enhancing a Spreadsheet

June 25th

Enhance your knowledge of Excel and learn how to add the wow factor to your spreadsheets. Discover the drawing, graphic and smart art tools. Learn how to create organization charts and title pages, as well as how to integrate graphics/pictures from the Internet into your spreadsheets.

COST $54.87 plus HST

Excel 6: Using Excel Charts

July 2nd

You will be introduced to the built-in tools that allow you to create dynamic charts from a basic spreadsheet. Primary focus is on development of line, bar, and pie charts, and their use in conveying a message to an audience. Other topics include charting multiple data streams, using data labels, modifying output of charts, rotating charts, and adding graphics from the Internet to charts. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Excel

COST $54.87 plus HST

Excel 7: Introduction to Excel Macros

July 9th

Gain a better understanding of the power of automation in Excel using Macros. Start off with basic macros that help improve personal productivity. Then discover more powerful decision-making macros and how to create personal menus. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Excel.

COST $54.87 plus HST


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