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**You must complete both the Theory and the Clinical courses in order to practice Advanced Footcare as a Nurse**


Canadian nurses must have active nursing license to proceed to clinical training.




 Advanced Footcare Theory is a self-paced, 120 hour online theoretical curriculum that will increase your knowledge of lower limb anatomy, common conditions and complications, diabetes, wound care biomechanics, and how they relate to your client’s overall health. The course is designed to prepare a nurse for a career in nursing foot care, as a prerequisite to further clinical training. Enhanced curriculum in 2024 now includes a 250 word audiovisual glossary, videos, case studies, and integrates the CSA MDR of Critical Foot Care Devices course AND the IPAC Canada Hand Hygiene course.

  • Register & Delivered through Loyalist College
  • Delivery: Asynchronous/Online
  • Total Hours: 110
  • The Theory is being offered on an ongoing basis so students can register anytime to begin.
  • Once students register, they will be given access(by email) to the online course within approx. 48hrs so that they can being
  • Supplies: Textbook sold separately (required)
  • COST: $900 + HST


  • Introduction
  • Career Opportunities in Foot Care
  • Evidence-Informed Practice
  • Anatomy of the Lower Leg
  • Foot and Nail Conditions
  • Infection and Prevention Control in Foot Care
  • Physical Fitness & Therapies
  • Biomechanics, Footwear, Orthoses & Padding
  • Diabetes and Foot Care
  • Wounds and Foot Care
  • Foot Care in Practice


  • Register & Delivered through Soft Soles 
  • Clinical is comprised of Online Preparation (21.5), Mentorship (3 hrs) and 4 day In-Person (18.5)
  • In-Person Locations: Various Locations (i.e. Port Hope, Ottawa)
  • Contact Soft Soles for Clinical dates
  • Once you register for Theory you will be REQUIRED to place provide a deposit to hold your space for Clinical.  Deposit will be made to Soft Soles.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Completion of Advanced Footcare Nursing – Theory
    • Applicants hold a current non-restricted Nursing Registration/License (temporary or full) from the territory or province in which they will be taking the course. If the license contains conditions, the student’s application will be reviewed to confirm that the conditions will be met by the course delivery.
    • Insurance/ID Each student are to bring a printed copy of the following on the first day of class
  • Supplies you will need to purchase:  podiatry drill (required)
  • Cost: ~ $2,979


Email Krista McConnell call 613-969-1913 Ext 2467 for questions

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