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This course is for those who want to get started and have fun painting. With your instructor’s encouragement and basic materials, acrylic painting is the simplest way to get immediate results, making you feel inspired and want to grow and expand your experiences and abilities.  We introduce the aspiring artist to a very versatile medium-acrylic paint.  Acrylic painting encourages creating art by delivering immediate results and easy cleanup!  You’ll begin by using landscape photo references to paint familiar scenery. Then you’ll move on to painting still life: flowers in a vase, then a collection of items – both set up on a table with a colourful sheet of cloth for a backdrop and a sidelight to create high lights and shadows. You will use various photos to learn perspective, clouds, skies, waters, and other landscape characteristics, including farm animals. You may even try an abstract, starting with designing on a small scale and then enlarging to big canvases. You can paint acrylic on canvas, canvas boards and even masonite, all grounded with gesso.

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