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Implementing the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

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Canada is recognized as having one of the strongest food safety systems in the world. But the speed, volume and complexity of food production have produced new risks and challenges – including new threats to food safety, changing consumer preferences and prevention-focused international standards. Responding to these challenges is critical to maintaining Canada’s reputation as a world leader in food safety and to help Canada’s food businesses remain trusted both at home and abroad.

Who should Attend

  • Already supporting compliance to another safety standard such as CFIA regulated or Global Food Safety Initiative Certified
  • Responsible for technical standards such as QC specifications, preventative maintenance and repair, sanitation, equipment design, environmental monitoring, supplier contracts, new product development.
  • Accountable for training and performance managers of those involved in food safety and security decisions and verifications

Skills Developed in this Course

  • How to do a process map and use it to define risks and counter-measures
  • Understand what a “preventative control is” and how it compares to a HACCP “critical control”
  • Understand how your documentation system needs to be configured to provide evidence of compliance to your food safety plan
  • How to integrate requirements with your existing GFSI foundation or goal to achieve this certification
  • Where to go for help

Benefits to the Organization

  • These new requirements will position food businesses to ensure they produce safe food to be more innovative and competitive at home and abroad, and help avoid costly recalls
  • Companies who are early adopters have the potential to capture more market share as customers and consumers are looking for more assurances that products are safe to consume
  • This course will help companies to demonstrate a critical element to all emerging Food Safety Systems: “Developing a Food Safety Culture”
  • Creating strong and objective expectations, cross-functional teams are more likely to become high performing and execute against the standards
  • Understanding the competencies needed for SFCR, Human Resource and Operations Manager are in a better position to hire the right people and provide the right support
  • Most importantly, companies who embrace food safety continuous improvement, are doing their part to ensure that Canada retains the recognition as one of the most desirable countries to import products from

Benefits to Participants

  • Develop more confidence to escalate issues that could have serious consequences
  • Learn about new roles that will emerge and could be exciting career development opportunities
  • Leverage your existing knowledge of your business to help design risk mitigation strategies that make sense for your operations
  • Be in a better position to create an accurate capital resource plan knowing what “preventable controls” are expected
  • Help to develop stronger partnerships along your supply chain by implementing new food traceability and food fraud standards

Duration: 1 Day session 9-4pm
Cost: $269 + tax


Amanda McCamus is a USDA Certified Preventative Controls Quality Individual with 15 years of experience in creating a sustainable high performance cultures. Her passion is emphasis Food systems and process management with emphasis on professional training and regulatory compliance.
She is a versatile, highly motivated, results driven Food Safety Educator with experience in Food Manufacturing /Supply Chain, Mining, and Secondary Education. She has been recognized as a creative thinker and problem solver with excellent leadership and communications skills; who drives for results while developing a strong understanding of the processes and building solid working relationships at all levels in the organization. Amanda brings 15 years of experience in Food Safety.

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