Managers’ Solution Circles

Graduates from the High-Performing Manager program implement change in real time with the support of their peers and expert coaching. Six to eight managers meet monthly for a minimum of six months with a trained facilitator.

Learning Outcomes
  • Define real-world challenges and find action steps.
  • Apply the learning from The High-Performing Manager in everyday work situations.
  • Integrate knowledge, expertise, and skills to resolve issues, apply knowledge and deepen skills.
  • Sustain positive change through peer involvement.
  • Create partners in the successful application of knowledge and skills throughout the organization.
Who Should Attend

This program is open to graduates of the High-Performing Manager Program only.

Program Content

Six to eight Managing and Leading graduates gather together every month for a facilitated exchange about issues, learning, applications and projects of their individual choosing.

Solution Circles are highly structured discussion groups with ground rules and a clear agenda, led by a trained facilitator whose role is to ensure that outcomes are met. Each participant leaves each session with a commitment to take action on a specific issue and report back to the group in the following session.

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